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DBI located in Tabriz-Iran, active mainly in Confectionery.

The company established and leaded by Dadash Baradar who has more than 40 years of experience in leadership and confectionary industries.Dadash Baradar Industrial(DBI) with 3800 personal, equipped with latest technology in production, marketing, sales and distribution leads market.

We produce: chocolate, Eclair (soft caramel), milk caramel, fruit candy, cookie, biscuit, wafer, bubblegum and chewing gum.

Our products are distributed by company’s high-tech distribution channel and are bounded to distribute products freshly to the market.


Tel : +98 41 36306391 - 4
Fax : +98 41 36306390
Export Dep. : +98 41 36306204
Email : info (AT) shoniz . com

Melone Chocolate
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